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Dear Mr David Baker, Jo and the team.

Thank you very much. Very thrilled!

Another happy customer, 03.10.2018

(who also sent in two tubs of chocolates for us all to enjoy – thank you!)

I just wanted to drop in a quick note of thanks to The Guild of Valuers and Jewellers for arranging our recent valuation at Ernest Jones in Maidenhead. Your colleague  Mr Huddy was incredibly thorough and professional and the report I have been left with is exactly what I needed for my insurers.  The insights and background information he was able to give us, particularly on what we now know to be an antique brooch, has added a whole new level to my wife and my enjoyment of the few pieces we have been able to cobble together.

His erudition is to be complimented.

Many thanks for a wonderfully enjoyable experience. I will most certainly be arranging future regular revaluations.

Another happy customer, 06.06.18

I am very satisfied with the service that was provided. David was very easy to get along with and very helpful. Thank you again!

A happy home visit customer, 18.05.18

I just would like to congratulate the team at the Guild for such efficient and professional valuations. The turnover for completion is extremely fast and the quality of the documentation received is outstanding. All of us at Rivoli Jewellers are very grateful for all the help and attention and we hope to carry on dealing with you for many more years to come. Thank you. Carla

Another happy jeweller, 23.03.18


Dear Alice. I just wanted to write and thank you for all the information about the Valuation Days in Glasgow. I arranged an appointment at Ernest Jones where Phil assessed my jewellery. It was SUCH an interesting and fascinating experience!! My husband and I so enjoyed watching Phil at work, something we’ve never seen before as other jewellers ask you to leave your items then collect them later date. Not only did we enjoy seeing how an expert valuer undertakes the task, but being present enabled both Phil and us, to ask questions to clarify various points. I can’t imagine a better way to have jewellery valued! Phil was delightful, professional, exceptionally knowledgeable and highly skilled. Overall, this service is top notch, and one which I will have no hesitation whatsoever recommending to others!

Thank you all once again.

Another happy customer, 21.02.18

Dear Mr N Hadler, ‘Thank you’ so much for your valuation of my diamond ring.

Another happy customer, 09.02.18

Hi, I am the store manager and just wanted to send a quick email to compliment a member of your team Nick Hadler on the fantastic service he has provided to us. Nick has been exceptionally helpful in helping us to sort out an issue the last few weeks which we have resolved with his assistance. His prompt replies to our countless emails and helpful manner have really been appreciated and he is an asset to your team. Please pass on my thanks!

A happy jeweller, 31.01.18

Hello. Will you please convey to Fay Roach our thanks for her undertaking of the valuation of my ring. It is a comprehensive report and means much to us. Thank you!

Another happy customer, 30.01.18

A striking 18 carat gold cross was examined by our valuer at a Valuation Day and dates from around 1810. With engraved roses and forget-me-nots and a hair locket on the back, this interesting piece was valued for antique replacement value.

From Jersey, a pair of cufflinks were presented to the personal assistant to the Duke of Edinburgh on the world tour of 1956 – 1957. The tour started at the 1956 Olympic games in Australia and went on to New Zealand, Antartica, the Falkland Islands, Africa and the Mediterranean…

A beautiful piece was brought into a Valuation Day in Cambridgeshire. It featured a stunning black opal weighing approximately 5.5 carats in an early 20th Century gold and platinum setting surrounded by over a carat of fine diamonds.

Discovered during a recent Valuation Day in Milton Keynes, a fob appeared to be fairly straightforward. However, upon further examination a previously unseen compartment revealed a hidden message, much to the customer’s surprise and delight! Inside was a lock of hair…

Brought into a Valuation Day in Co Mayo, Ireland, a silver cigarette case was originally presented to a Metropolitan police officer on protection duty for a member of the Russian royal family. Made by a leading Russian jeweller, D Ivanoff of St Petersburg, it had a gold Romanov crest…

A stunning 19th century tortoiseshell singing bird box was recently brought into a Valuation Day in London and our valuer on the day was absolutely enthralled, as was everyone else! The hand painted top depicts a Swiss mountain scene, and on sliding the operating lever the full bodied bird pops through the grille and begins singing…

Our valuer saw a very rare reverse intaglio brooch for a customer at a Valuation Day in Berkshire.  The 18ct gold brooch is created from a piece of quartz crystal hand painted from the inside against a mother of pearl background…